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What is a Show Tan?

If you are new to competing you will have heard that you need to have a really dark tan and may see photos of ultra dark and orange skins. A Show Tan isn’t orange and the old saying of ‘you can never be too dark’ is not true

A tan brings out your muscle definition but if you’re too dark it can also hide it! Yes you need to be dark and for most people a normal salon tan is not dark enough once you get under the bright stage lights and you will not show your body off at it’s best. You will need to use a competition tan. We use a tan that is approved by the federations we tan for and also ask for feedback after the show in order to adjust anything if needed.

Even dark skins need a tan. The stage lights are very bright and can take the red pigment out of your skin which is why even dark, Asian or black skins should be tanned to avoid looking ‘dull’ under these lights. The tan will put the pigment back into the skin and gives a lovely richness onstage.

Tanning for a competition is done the day before, this is so the tan has time to develop overnight and you wake up in the morning to a deep tan that has settled into the skin and will still be there even if you sweat a little onstage.

What you can expect from us as an Official Competition Tanning Service for your event.

  • You won’t have to worry about your tan, we will make sure you look perfect.
  • We are set up in closer proximity to the show so if you are staying overnight you can book your hotel in the area.
  • Usually on the Official tanning teams are allowed back stage to help you.
  • We are at the show all day to apply tan/touch up/repair/cover tattoos (if required by the federation) and apply glaze before you go onstage.
  • We also apply complementary bikini/costume glue and even help fix costumes that have broken.
  • We also great at giving pep talks to nervous competitors and taking photos of on the day which we love to share with you 🙂

Once you’ve have booked and paid a deposit your booking is confirmed. You will be given an appointment time for your tan at least 5 days before your show.

During your appointment you will spray tanned and then dried in a drying tent with a fan if the room s hot. You will need 1 – 4 applications of tan depending on your skin type and colour although we never give more than 2 applications during your appointment as any more than this will not sink into the skin and will just rub off. Any extra applications needed will be given the next day. You are likely to be in the tanning area with other people (although never mixed) Everyone has a separate tanning/drying tent to maintain some privacy.

When we see you again on the morning of the show, we check your tan and do whatever is needed to ensure you have the perfect colour. We will set up in an allocated area so you know where to find us. We will apply glaze before you go onstage, (a gel or spray oil that gives you glow and brings out more detail and richness) and make sure your tan is perfect.

We are professional at what we do and aim to give you a friendly, comfortable and hassle free experience.

Preparing, Aftercare & Removing your Tan.

You’ve spent many weeks preparing for your show. You’re in your best ever condition and you want the best tan possible to show off your physique. Following the guidelines below will ensure your tan is the best it can be.
To ensure an even tan it is important to look after your skin. I recommend exfoliating and moisturising regularly all year round but at least a week or two before your show

Exfoliating will remove all dead skin cells and make your skin smoother. Work over the body methodically to ensure you don’t miss out any areas. Moisturising will nourish and condition your skin. Both steps will ensure a smoother and more even base for your tan. Get help when exfoliating and moisturising your back or other hard to reach areas

  • On the day of your show exfoliate only using a good quality oil free PH balanced scrub or shower gel/soap with an exfoliating brush or glove. Do not use any creams, moisturisers, perfumes, deodorants or any other form of skin preparation after exfoliating. Some perfumes and deodorants can react with the tan causing discolouration whilst creams and moisturisers may act as a barrier.
  • Any shaving should be done the day before the show to avoid any irritation.
  • Hair removal creams or waxing should be done at least a week or longer before as these procedures can sometimes remove skin in areas and result in a ‘patchy’ tan. Any regrowth can be shaved or clippered away the day before the show. If you’ve never used these methods before DO NOT start just before your show
  • Wear dark, very loose fitting clothes to avoid ‘sweating’ or rubbing the bronzer off. No straps/zips or elastic waist bands/ cuffs. Please visit our Shop Page to buy our post tan clothing
  • Wear flip-flops after your tan has been applied, to maintain a more even coverage and avoid sock lines.
  • For best results we need you to be wearing as little as possible. We provide tanning socks for men. For best results and no tan lines – less is best.
  • Avoid wearing anything red as the dye can affect the tan and turn it green!
  • Remove contact lenses (if worn) before your tan.
  • Apply clear nail varnish to fingernails and toenails to prevent the tan staining nails. Tan will not stain nail varnish
  • Wear socks on your hands at night to avoid hand prints

To maintain your tan for as long as possible after the show, Hot baths, swimming pools and saunas should be avoided. Do not rub vigorously after showering. Always moisturise and keep your skin hydrated. Your tan should last from 4 – 10 days depending on your skin type.

If you need to remove your tan please visit our Shop Page for tan removal products

All Spray tans contain Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which is derived from sugar cane. It reacts with the amino acids in the top layer of your skin causing your skin to gradually darken over a few hours. The percentage of DHA in the product determines the colour (higher % darker the colour.) Most spray tans also contain a bronzer which gives you an immediate colour. The bronzer will wash off but the colour from the skin reaction to the DHA will remain. The tans we use contains a unique bronzer, which gives a perfect competition colour for your show and also contains DHA so your skin will gradually darken over the course of the day leaving you with a lasting tan even after you have showered.

If you have had any allergic reaction to sunless tanning in the past, please let us know prior to booking your tan.

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