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As a former bodybuilder and IFBB Pro competitor I’d spent years competing and standing bathrooms or kitchens for hours drying tan painted on by Harold, my husband, at least 5 -6 coats over 2 – 3 days. Then I competed in my first Pro shows in 2003 and 2004 and was spray tanned in the States by Jan Tana herself, who I still believe was the pioneer of competition tanning. I was amazed at how quick and easy it was but most of all no stress!

It was a few years later when the idea hit me to start a tanning service in the UK. I was at the UKBFF Finals in Nottingham in 2007. I was painting tan onto Claire, a Body Fitness competitor I had been coaching, she was in the kitchen of our apartment naked and freezing after her fourth application of tan and I thought there’s got to be an easier, less time consuming way to do this.

I went home after the weekend in Nottingham and did a bit of research. There was nothing like this in the UK. As I had experienced the tanning procedure myself I had an idea how to set it up and what I needed to do. I booked onto a spray tanning course, ordered equipment, tan from Jan Tana and had plenty of practice runs on Harold – Ha Ha! – and at the end of 2007, Show Tan was born.

My first show was at Paul Smiths UKBFF South Coast Show in Portsmouth in 2008. I started off with 1 tent and my good friend Vickie and 14 athletes to tan

Show Tan has gone from strength to strength and we are now an established and recognised name in the industry, tanning many Professional and World Class Athletes for great shows in the UK and abroad.

Since I started Show Tan the concept of a competition spray tanning service has really taken off in the UK and I pride myself on being the first and offering the best most professional and friendly service in the industry.

I’ve worked hard experimenting with different tans with the aim to find the perfect competition colour. In 2022 I finally found it, and have launched our very own brand Show Tan Glow Competition Tan.

All my tanning team are qualified and insured and have been or still are competitors. I think this is important as not only do we know the importance of your tan and how it should look but we also know what what you’ve been through and what it takes to get up on stage.

Thank you all for your amazing support and look forward to tanning you for your next show.

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